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The Player-Character in Chronos may be male or female, chosen once at the start of the game.

Chronos maincharacters.jpg

The portal only open once per year, so when the player is 'killed', they are sent home to train for 1 year, advancing in age. At Age 20, and every 10 years after (up to age 80), the player selects an age perk to help them on their quest. Over the course of the game, the Player-Character will gain experience by defeating enemies. Once enough experience is acquired, the player will level up, gaining 2 attribute points.

Attribute points can be spent on one of 4 Attributes Strength, Agility, Arcane and Vitality. The starting value for each attribute is 9. Attribute increases are purchased at a cost shown on the following table:

Attribute Attribute cost at Age 18 Attribute cost at age 25 Attribute cost at age 45
Physical 1 1 2
Arcane 3 2 1